January 15, 2013

Hello World!!

Phew! Working out sure feels good. I love the tight/ strong feeling your body gets after a good work out!

Taking steps to achieve some of my new years Res. Now I just gotta stay motivated and keep it up!

Such a cliche resolution. Maybe if everyone kept up with their "Staying/Getting fit" goals it would be much less cliche.. Doesn't matter though, this is the first time its ever been on my list, and for a good reason, this Texan culture is not good on the body. All their Home cooking or southern cooking or comfort food (whichever you'd prefer) is not so good on those who have a job that lacks activeness. Woo!

Anyways! I'm glad I have gotten one step closer to reaching my goals!

Goodnight,  My lovelies! <3

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