January 23, 2013

Thrift Shop Treasures:

My lunch breaks are boring, I mean real boring. I get 45 minutes of freedom to do with what I choose. I have a fear of eating alone in public so i usually take my car and head to the nearest park to chill and eat some food.

Today was different though. All I had for sustenance was a Visalus shake [so yummy and filling but it only takes like 5 minutes to consume] and I had time to spare so I decided to head over to the local Goodwill. Ninety percent of the time all the things at this particular Goodwill are pretty junky, but every once in a while I can find some real cool stuff. Today was one of those good find days.

All the blazers were $1 each. I bought two. ;]
and all the yellow tags were 50% off. I found a lovely pink Merona sweater which just happened to have a yellow tag! SCORE! Sweater for $1.50, Yahoo!! Plus, I found a set of 2 vintage mugs for .$50 each, which was awesome cause for some reason [even being the coffee/tea drinker I am] I only have like two good sized mugs.

Thrift shops are so awesome. Such a good way to find some nice stuff for pretty dang cheap! If you aren't an avid thrift-er I definitely recommend it!

Peace, Lads!

p.s. Here's a song to get you in the thrifting moood.

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