November 27, 2012

Life As Of Yet...

So we finally got all moved! I have come to find out that the drive to and from my home to my work is a lot harder then i thought it would be. It sucks having to get up that extra bit earlier and drive that 20 mins by myself to work at a job which i don't feel appreciated at, a job that i feel taken advantage of at. Therefore, i have been diligently searching for a new closer job. So far i havent had much luck though. I got an interview at a ranch equipment manufacture for graphic design, but after a very successful meeting with a very nice sir, i was informed that I really need to know more variety of Adobe programs [such as Indesign and Illustrator]. Oh well, life goes on and i have been teaching myself the programs i was told i need to know and have been searching and applying for more graphic design type jobs.

One of my dream jobs has always been graphic design [along with more improbable jobs such as archaeologist, fashion designer, magazine editor, and paleontologist{i suck at science, heh}]. I have also always wanted to open up a little cupcake, cake, pizza, shoe, coffee shop venues in England, but that's a whole other story.

Anyways! To cut a long post short, I am determined not to give up on my dream graphic design job and I am excited to see where the new thing I am learning take me! Here is my online portfolio in case you're curious ;]

Until Next Time,
P.s. These photos are some of the recent things i've created.. Just a few of them. :]

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