November 5, 2012

Coconut Oil & It's amazing multi-use Magicalness!

So, i was reading this blog post on and the lady was talking about using coconut oil as a sort of deep conditioner for your hair. Now, i've heard about using it for cooking, how great it is as a substitute for butter, and even about using it as a facial moisturizer, but never as a hair product. She says that you just leave it in your hair with a shower cap over it for a few hours, if not using heat, and only 30ish minutes, if using heat. Then simply wash your hair two times and the coconut oil is supposed to give your hair a lovely healthy shine and reduce the obivousness of split ends.
Naturally, being the very curious type of person I am I had to try it! I've been trying to grow out my hair and looking for home remedies for split ends and dry hair. I read on and found out where she buys her coconut oil from, a website called Vitacost.
Hooked on this coconut, good smelling, goodness of an idea i went straight to the website after getting all signed up [which is free] i found out that every new customer gets a promo code sent to their email for $10 off their first purchase. I took advantage of this amazing offer and ended up getting my 15 oz. of coconut oil for free! [actually i had to pay shipping but that was way cheap] So worth it!

Soooo, If you want to read more about the magic of coconut oil check this out: How Does She
And if you want to go get you some free coconut oil or anything else healthy related thats $10 or under go here: VitaCost enter your email adress and mine, [] and that will give us both $10 off instantly!

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