November 27, 2012

I Love Nice People!

Today I had some extra time to waste on my lunch break so Eric and I decided to take a trip to the local pawn shop. Pawn shops around here are mainly composed of junk and guns. Same was the case at this pawn shop. I was scanning the junk just wasting time when this vintage square case caught my eye. I was too curious to resist opening it up and seeing what was inside. It contained three oldschool vintange camera lenses and some other little camera accessories. The sales lady saw me looking at it and told me she'd make me a deal on it. I was quite skeptical, figuring camera accessories were expensive in general and they must have been even more outrageous a price cause the were at a small town pawn shop so i kept on scouting out anything worth any value.. Something kept calling me back to the camera lens bag. Right before we walked out i decided to go ahead and see what her deal was and she just gave it to me for free! I was so excited and grateful, granted the lenses arent worth more then $30 but they are so neat to me and the case alone is super nifty and could be used as a real cool purse.. Anyways, I was completely surprised by the generous gift and thanked the lady heartily. She told me a short story about the previous owner and told me Merry Christmas.

I am constantly surprised by the lack of caring people in this world now-a-days. Its so refreshing ans nice to meet someone who is caring and sweet. +It +gives me hope for people in america.

Until Next Time,

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