October 5, 2012

Day Two:

Day two on our trip!

We left Hays, Kansas early this morning and are heading northwest. After driving for what seemed like forever, through the crazy winds and ultra boring terrain, we finally made it to Colorado. Granted, the terrain didn't automatically become beautiful and hilly as soon as we passed the state line like it seemed to have in Oklahoma to Kansas, but after driving no more then two hours we began to see hills coming up all around us and the wonderful mountain silhouettes sitting on the horizon.
We stopped for some quick cheap lunch in Limon, Colorado and were soon on our way again.
Our next stop was in Aurora, Colorado, for gas. It was kind of surreal for me, to be stopping in the same town that a crazy man shot down so many people during the Batman movie premiere. To think such a thing happened such a short time before and now I am in the exact same town. Oh well, twas the past and nothing I can do to make it better, so lets move on.
We then headed into Wyoming. Oh man, i am constantly amazed by the beauty of this state. I adore the rocky cliffs and majestic mountains. One town we stopped for dinner in, even had a mob of deer just hanging out in the downtown, right by all the people and cars and everything. It was crazy.
We stopped for the night in the town of Ogden, Utah. Sadly our trip there was mostly in the dark so we missed out on a few wyoming/utah mountains. Still, the beauty we did get to see was just enough to hold me over for the night. :]

Playlist for today!:
1. Blink 182
2. The Cure
3. Dance Gavin Dance
4. Circa Survive
5. Ellie Goulding
6. Bon Iver
7. Angels & Airwaves

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