October 4, 2012

Day One:

Day one of our journey to Idaho and beyond! We left our home town, Mt. Pleasant, Texas, around 1:30pm and got into Oklahoma only about an hour later. We drove through the beautiful native American state only stopping twice, to eat and pee. When we got to Kansas everything got so flat, almost instantly after we crossed the state line. As the dark grew stronger so did the cold and the winds. One of the highlights of Kansas, I thought, was driving in the dark, down a back road and seeing all these creepy red lights flashing in the sky. There were so many of them all crowded together it was overwhelming! Eric had to explain to me that they were probably just windmills, they were nothing to be scared of. Also, I took notice of the beautiful, not quite full, moon as it sat on the horizon and was bigger and oranger than I have seen it in over ten years. We eventually found our way to the cheapest hotel in Hays, Kansas. And that was the end of our trip for that day.

Playlist for Day One:
1. Elevation Worship
2. Imagine Dragons
3. Beta Radio
4. The Civil Wars
5. Lydia
6. As Tall As Lions

Until Next Time, <3<3<3

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