October 11, 2012

Day Three:

This was our finally day on our trip to Idaho! We left our resting place, Ogden, Utah, bright and early in search of my old home town. It was a long mostly boring drive, but we made it there in once piece.
By the time we had arrived we were starved! So, i called up some of my good friends and invited them to get pizza with us at a friend of mine's pizza place, Messenger.
[if you ever in the town of Nampa, Idaho don't be a fool! check out the best pizza around! It's way cheap too! and they have a unique/wide variety of pizza and beers!]
So delicious pizza, yummm!
after pizza we headed to my most favorite coffee shop, the flying M. Oh! I do love their coffee! after the lack of culture, coffee wise, here it was so refreshing to taste good coffee again! After coffee i met up with one of my best friends from highschool and headed out in the middle of no where to go to another one of my best friend's wedding rehearsal. [i was her sound gal ;)]
after hours of rehearsing in the freezing cold and visiting with many overly missed people, i convinced 'the gals' to take me out for a cocktail, something i had never had the opportunity to do where i live.
It was a great time and we finished the night off with a sleep over and some more visiting.

Playlist for today:
1.Angels & Airwaves
2.A Skylit Drive
3.Circa Survive
4.Sleeping with Sirens
5.Bon Iver

Until Next Time,

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