October 12, 2012

Day 4; The Wedding:

The Day of the Wedding
Oh what an eventful day!
First we girls wake up bright and early, make some fancy breakfast for each other, get all ready, and head off to get some coffee and get an early start helping set up for the wedding. On the way to the wedding, which is way out in the middle of no where just like the rehearsal was, we are in two cars, me and my cousin in one and my other two friends in the other. They are leading us, but none of us really know where we are going. After getting lost a few times we finally get in the right area, but miss a turn. So as my car is realizing that we did miss a turn the car in front of us realizes the same thing and stops right in the middle of the road. Well, we are looking to the side at the turn we were supposed to have turn and dont realize till too late that the car in front of us has stopped. SMOOSH! we hit them, coffee splashes everywhere, some words are muttered, my face is swollen and half of it is completely numb, and im watching the car in front of us be pushed forward by the impact of our car. My cousing says something like, "Oh my Gosh! I think it's smoking! Get out! Get out!", and i follow directions and rush to her side to see if she's alright. She has a bloody nose from the impact of the airbags, but no major problems besides the little bit of blood. I then look to see if my other friends are okay and find that they are perfectly okay, no airbags, no owies, not even a dent to the back of their car!
We stress out a little bit and call parents trying to figure out what to do and decide that since the cars are still drivable we should just drive them up to the Wedding venue {a barn} and talk to the Bride's mom about what happened. She gets everything all fixed up an makes sure we are all okay, and we move forward with wedding things as planned.
Ah man! Such a beautiful wedding it was, one i will never forget! I am so glad i got to experience it! And i'm really so excited for the future my friend and her new husband will have together!

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