October 16, 2012

Day 5: My Favorite City Ever.

After the wedding we did not sleep, we instead headed straight for Seattle. Our goal was to get there in time to attend a church service in which one of our favorite pastors was preaching. We successfully got there just in time to get some coffee, donuts, and then head straight to church.
The service was amazing, I am so glad we could make it, and directly after we drove over to Pike's Place Market.
This is my favorite thing about Seattle, so much culture and creativity to witness and experience. We walked around for a bout a half an hour, got a couple dozen photos and then headed off to Portland, Oregon!
There wasnt much excitement on the way to our destination and we got there pretty early in the evening so we spent the rest of the day getting some much needed rest and watching myth busters.
A pretty uneventful day, but so fun nonetheless. :]

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