October 16, 2012

Day 8 & 9: Home Again Home Again

After waking up from a good night's sleep it was now time to end our journey and head home. The next few days were the most boring so i will put them into 1 post.
We left California bright and early and made our way to our next resting place in El Paso, Texas. The drive was incredibly boring and dull, besides the few rocky mountains along the way, there was nothing but dead and dirt.
Very deserty.
Very Dull.
We made it to El Paso very later, around midnight, found a hotel and fell asleep.
The next day we woke up, packed up, and started the very long, 11 - 12 hour drive across Texas. It was such a relief when we finally hit familiar area [Dallas Fort Worth]. We were so happy and relieved to almost be home. It was such a lovely trip and such a wonderful experience for us, but we had missed our own bed and our own home and were so ready to finally be home.

What we learned from the trip:
-Out of the many states we drove through Wyoming and Washington were our favorites.
-Kansas, Arizona, and Texas suck to drive through.
-We have so much more exploring to do before we die.
-Never again will we take a road trip with so much driving and so little rest time.

Until Next Time,

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