October 16, 2012

Day 7:

Sacramento provided nice rest, but when morning came we were off again!
Only six hours later we had made it to LA & Hollywood. First thing was first we had to see Gruman's Chinese Theater. We parked at the local Home Depot and started walking. It was only about a 2 mile walk and on the way we got to see all the stars on the sidewalk and all the cool old buildings on the sides of the road.
Very cool.
Very fun.
We got to the theater, took pictures of all the star signatures, hand prints, and foot prints and laughed at all the people dressed up like movie characters on our 2 mile walk back to the car.
Now we hit the beach! A little beach called 'Cherry Beach' in Long Beach, California. We then headed to our hotel got some delicious real Mexican food form Alberto's and fell asleep for the night.
We had never been to California so this was all such a great experience for us and we cant wait to take more time to do it again!

Until Next Time,

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