September 28, 2012

This is Who I Am:

Some people are so against tattoos. I really dont understand it.
I know for me, tattoos are a way of expressing myself, and with my lack of desire to speak all the time they are my way of communicating with others, that i may not know so well, who i am.

I got my first tattoos in October of 2009. They are the words "Speak" [left wrist] & "Love" [right wrist]. I thought hard about what i wanted to get for my first tattoo. I knew i wanted words [for i adore words and typography], that was the easy part, but the hardest part was deciding what exact words i wanted. I wanted something that really meant something to me, something that i could look at and my soul be renewed, or something that would be a reminder to me, personally, to be a better person. A plethora of varieties of words were rushing through my brain for a good long while, but none where THE ONES. One night i was talking to a good friend of mine on the phone and he said something which made me think of the words 'speak love'. The moment they popped into my head i knew they were the words i had been searching for. Something i could look down at every so often and be reminded to keep my mouth shut unless good things were to come out of it. Something i struggle with is talking about things/people, therefore there could not have been two better words.

The second tattoo i got was my feather. I got this one in February of 2012. I chose a feather because i felt it symbolizes perfectly my free spirit and love of nature. Teal is my favorite color so naturally i had to get it in teal. There are tiny words right at the stem of the feather [again reflecting my love for words and typography], the words say 'Just Breathe'. I felt this was appropriate, they are to remind me to stop and smell the roses, to take time and enjoy the life i have and the beauty God has given us.

Next February i am hoping to get a nautical themed shoulder cap, but that's an entirely new post for later on!

Thanks Lovelies!
Until Next Time, ❤❤❤

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