March 14, 2013

Brer Rabbit

If You didn't know, I got a rabbit about a month ago. I've never had a rabbit before. I've always wanted one, but every time i would encounter one, be it a friend's or at a pet store, they would always be so mean and aggressive. That turned me off. I knew if I were ever to really get one I would have to find one that was sweet and gentle and didn't mind my occasional cuddling.

The past few months I have been on the look out/kinda intense search for a pet, something not cat like at all. I constantly had my eyes on the local humane society's facebook page looking for a dog. I found a few I was interested in, but my husband never really gave me the official 'Okay' to pursue getting one. After deciding a dog wasn't the best for my tiny family I started looking for rabbits on craigslist. On my second or third time looking i spotted an add for an English Angora baby rabbit for sale in Richardson, Texas [only about 2 1/2 hours away].

My mother's boss in Idaho raised Angoras so i was semi-familiar with the temperament of this type of rabbit. Angora's are known for their long thick hair and their sweet and gentle attitude. Perfect for what I was looking for! So, I contacted the lady asked her to hold the baby boy for me till i could make it to the Dallas area and now I have a sweet baby bunny! So cute and fluffy!

When I first got him I had a hard time deciding on a name. Sullivan, Sylvester, George, Peter, all names I like, but nothing really suiting for a fluffy white rabbit. The night I got Brer my pastors and Eric and I were on our way to a creative church conference with the rabbit in the back seat of the van with me. It was freezing and my Pastor's wife, Elizabeth, randomly shivered and proclaimed, 'Well, Brer Rabbit! It sure is cold!' Her being from Arkansas an being the character she is she actually pronounced Brer like burrrrrr. She then popped up and announced that I should name the rabbit Brer! I loved the idea. It kinda fit him since he always looks like he's cold cause he's so fluffy and white AND it will remind me of the awesome time we all had together! So yeah! that's how Brer got his name.. I personally CANNOT pronounce Brer correctly and so I still call him burrr. Hah. You should see the looks people give me when they ask me his name and i say Burrr.. hehe

I was so surprised at how big he was the first time i saw him, i was expecting a fit-in-your-hand little baby bunny, but I got him home and he was nearly the size of my cats, and my cats are huge! You are supposed to groom Angora's daily otherwise the fur they groom from themselves can build up in their digestive system and make them think they are full, therefor they will stop eating all together and die. That's the only downside to the lovely lad, finding the time to brush him and trim him every day. Overall I am very happy i stumbled upon him and things worked out so very well!

Until next time!

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