January 31, 2013


In attempt to keep up with ALL my new years resolutions I will be starting more like restarting a photo a day challenge. More specifically this challenge:

In order to keep myself motivated and on task I will be posting each photo each day to this blog and my instagram!

I am excited to start and see how long I actually last [hopefully the whole month ;)]

The main reason Photographing more is one of my resolutions is because I have been inspired by other blogs to try my hand at photography and in order to do that I have to push myself and learn to photography anything and everything no matter how random it may be. I believe that is how I will learn and maybe build myself up to a standard high enough that maybe i could follow it more business-wise and start photographing people for money. That'd be so fantastic, especially since there is no decent photographer within 100 mile of where i live!

Until Next Time!

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