September 24, 2012

5 Bands I Am Crazy About Right Now:

I work as a seamstress in the alterations department of the local dry cleaners. During work i have plenty of time to put my pandora on and let it play, giving me great opportunities to learn of new bands. These are five of my most favorite bands that i've so recently discovered:

1.Imagine Dragons
-A group of four kids from Las Vegas, Nevada.
.unique sound and creative lyrics.

2.Beta Radio
-A group of kids from Wilmington, North Carolina.
a musical style inspired by a mixture of indie, fold, chamber pop and americana.
Harmonium, Banjo, & Glockenspiel are some of the unique instruments used in making their music.

3.Of Monsters and Men
-A group of 6 Icelanders!
I really love the use of accordian, glockenspiel, and melodica in their music, gives it such a nice unique creative sound.
I also adore the male vocals.

4.Alex Clare
I think he has such a soulfull, kind of jazzy sounding voice.
I also love his mixture of smooth vocals and slight 'dubby-like' music in his song 'Too Close'.
Plus he has a nice beard and wears sweaters ;]

5.The Civil Wars
So, these guys.. man, this is probably the best duo my ears have ever had the privilege to listen to. of all time. The way their voices meld and mingle, the simplicity, the beauty of the lyrics, everything about this group is amazing and lovely. If you dont listen to any of the previous groups on my list, at least listen to them. Join me in my love for this brilliance.

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